Tent Components

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12 Inch Wooden Peg

Replacement 12 inch wooden peg. Recommend for the main pre-attached guylines. Icelandic I requries 14 pegs. Icelandic II requires 16 pegs. Stormhave...
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15 Inch Wooden Peg

Replacement 15 inch wooden peg. Recommend for the dollie storm guylines. Icelandic I requries 4 pegs. Icelandic II requires 4 pegs. Stormhaven requi...
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9 Inch Wooden Peg

Replacement 9 inch wooden peg. Recommend for pegging the base of the tent to the ground. Icelandic I requries 16 pegs. Icelandic II requires 20 pegs. ...
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Flysheet Spacer (Pack of 2)

Used to create a gap between the Icelandic/Stormhaven tents and respective Flysheet optional addition. Add this to the top of your end upright poles. ...
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