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Blacks of Greenock have been supplying quality equipment to youth groups for decades and our products are still used and going strong today. 

Our tents provides the traditional ‘back to basics’ camping that hones on the great experiences that camping has to offer. From weekend to summer camps, most youth groups like the Scouts will be familiar with these products. 

A reminder of our collection.

Patrol Tents

Designed to sleep a Patrol between 5-8 with additional space wide enough to store your rucksack and equipment. Designed with a premium cotton canvas to provide a comfortable and insulated sleeping experience. All patrol tents boast great headroom and consist of closable doors at either end. 


Icelandic I
Compact Design – Ideal for smaller patrols. Smaller design means no internal centre pole allowing additional space and weight saving on equipment.

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Icelandic II
Most popular patrol tent which is larger ideal for larger patrols that require additional space and comfort. Three upright poles provide tremendous strength and stability.

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Don’t forget to consider the matching heavy duty groundsheet for your patrol tent and also the additional flysheet (See below for more details).


We have teamed up with a 19th Pentland Scout Group (Edinburgh) who have created a useful guide how to use Patrol Tents Download PDF

Patrol Tents – Flysheets

Double the layers of canvas by adding an outer flysheet to your Icelandic II Patrol tent providing additional insulation and protection from the elements. 

‘Don’t touch the sides’. Common phrase used to ensure you don’t draw moisture from a wet patrol tent. The Patrol flysheet keeps the main patrol tent drier in wet weather allowing for an overall greater camping experience. Patrol tents can be used without a Flysheet, but we always recommend you use one for this reason.

The Icelandic II Flysheet requires 1x Icelandic II Ridge Pole and 2x Flysheet Spacers to be purchased to be used.

An alternative use for this and is noted that many Scout Groups use Flysheets as a Cooking Shelter. You would require 4 upright Icelandic II Upright Poles and 4 Guylines with Dollies.

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Dining Shelter

Dining Shelters provide Scout and Youth Groups with additional social space ideal for dining or even working on projects given when at camp. It is produced in the same great robust material used on Patrol Tents so you know you have piece of mind of the quality of the product.

The Dining Shelter 2 comes complete with a steel pole set, main guy and wooden dolly set, wooden runners, peg bag, wooden pegs, mallet, tent and pole bags. 

Overall a great group investment that will last you years!

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Bell Tents

Traditional tent shape that provides the space and comfort for a patrol to camp. Made in premium cotton canvas and supplied with an inner tent to provide a great nights sleep for the following days activities. Bell tents are very quick to erect due to the single upright pole. The tall front entrance pole allows for ample headroom to get in and out of the tent. Our Bell tents are provided with a clip in groundsheet but for additional protection you should consider the upgraded increased durability Groundsheet. 

Solace I InfoSolace II Info

Force Ten Classics

The traditional shaped, iconic, A-framed tent that has been in the market for nearly 60 years! This reliable tent, designed by Vango, provides excellent durability, ideal for Scout and youth groups camping on a campsite. The A-frame provides a robust shape and the high-quality cotton fabric will provide a temperature regulating experiencing – meaning you will feel warmer when cold and cooler when very warm! Both ends of the Force Ten Classics feature a porch area, ideal for keeping your wet and muddy hiking boots. We offer three sizes of tent to suit your group’s needs. 


Classic Std MK3 Tent
Compact ideal for 2 persons.

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Classic Std MK4 Tent
Mid sized, ideal for 2 persons. Also offered in a polyester version for lightweight smaller pack size required trips.

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Classic Std MK5 Tent
Largest size and more headroom – ideal for 4 persons.

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Your older kit needing an upgrade? – We offer many spares for these items.


Group Tent – Bungalow Mess Tent

Bungalow Mess Tents 3 & 5, offers huge amount of space ideal for running bases or using for dining. They are commonly found in the centre of your campsite as a Hub or activity meeting point. 

Camping is all about being outside, but some activities that don’t go hand in hand with the rainy weather. The Bungalow offers this ‘outdoor’ space so Group Leaders have peace of mind that they can still run balanced outdoor programs.

Bungalow 3 infoBungalow 5 info

Don’t forget to consider the matching heavy duty groundsheet for your Bungalow.

Vango Spares & Repairs

Blacks of Greenock and ForceTen values on ensuring you have long lasting kit, especially when a lot of fundraising may have happened to purchase it. Therefore, we offer lots of different spares to make sure you can keep your kit long lasting and achieve great value for money.

See Spare Part Matrix - Blacks of Greenock Website - Spare Part Listing - March 2024.xlsx

Check out the main product pages for the related parts section to see all the spares applicable for your tents or shelters.

Scout and Youth Groups Camping

Send your pictures of your campsite set ups to Add your Group name and where you camped and we will aim to add your photos here! Be sure to have all permissions to share photos as per your youth sections policies and guidelines.