Patrol Tents 

Patrol Tents

Tents for scouts - Canvas tents recommended by the Scout Association for group camping, Black's of Greenock Patrol tents are synonymous with group camping and known throughout generations. The complete range continues to be UK manufactured in our own factory and are still made to the traditional designs, utilising modern production techniques to...

  • £ 570.00

    The Original Canvas Patrol Tent, the Icelandic II is Black's of Greenock's most popular tent for Scouts and youth groups offering generous accommodation space. Measuring a massive 13ft long, with great headroom. It boasts three upright poles (one in the middle for extra safety & strength) giving tremendous strength and stability to from even the...

  • £ 540.00
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    A very popular canvas tent, the Stormhaven provides exceptional headroom. Without the centre pole, 12ft long and 6 inches higher than the Icelandic II, makes it a very spacious tent, the ideal canvas tent for group camping. The Stormhaven is simple to erect, yet is a very strong tent and that has a reputation for standing up to the harshest of extreme...

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